Escaped to London? Interpol will get you anyway!

Escaped to London? Interpol will get you anyway!

24 ноября 2009, 22:24
At present there are 43 residents of Primorsky Krai put on the international wanted list at the initiative of Russia’s law enforcement agencies.

VLADIVOSTOK. November 24. VOSTOK-MEDIA – At present there are 43 residents of Primorsky Krai put on the international wanted list at the initiative of law enforcement agencies of Primorsky Krai. 35 of them are suspected of committing crimes or are in hiding. Almost half of them are accused of committing white-collar crimes.

Even though Primorsky Krai law enforcement agencies refused to disclose the names of several wanted persons, citing secrecy of investigation, for many residents of Primorsky Krai it is no secret.

According to NCB Interpol Branch for Primorsky Krai Department of Internal Affairs, the ultimate aim of the international search is to extradite or deport an identified person. The primary task of Interpol is to locate persons, who are put on the international wanted list, whereas the issues relating to extradition and deportation are handled by General Prosecutor’s Office.

 “It would be naïve to think that if you have a lot of money you can hide abroad and lead a happy life there. Punishment is unavoidable. Sooner or later a suspected criminal will be located and criminal legislation will have its say,” Yury Samarin, Head of Primorsky Krai Branch of Interpol, stated.

Recently a 33-year-old resident of Ussuriisk was put on the wanted list for committing rape. Trying to escape from punishment the criminal left for Europe to raise money and subsequently started to serve in French Foreign Legion. In a little while his whereabouts were located and at present the legionnaire is facing extradition. There is another Russian who is facing extradition. A proficient bag snatcher and swindler, on the international wanted list, was arrested in Switzerland.

 “A half of wanted residents of Primorsky Krai are participants or organizers of economic crimes. The majority the wanted persons, who are hiding abroad, have opportunities to retain lawyers who will represent their interests in Russian law enforcement agencies. They are trying to position themselves as businessmen that were unjustly victimized. For example, a Russian national, who is suspected of committing a major economic crime, is at present in the USA. His place of residence is already known as is the fact of his visa and ID being expired but the extradition cannot be carried out. Reportedly, the suspected criminal has used to roam about any public event in the US and grumble unstoppably that he had suffered persecution in Russia and that no one understood his modern ideas aimed at boosting economic growth, etc. You would surely agree that being an outcast is not easy, even if you are rich,” Yury Samarin said.

Many people believe that once the whereabouts of a suspect are located he should be apprehended right away, while the trail is still hot.

 “But it’s not so easy as it seems. There are certain legal procedures and these procedures should be carried out. Extradition is conducted by two or several states in accordance with international laws and domestic legislation. One nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted criminal. The aim of extradition is bring a criminal to punishment for the committed crime, indicated in the request.”

The reasons extradition never took place can be different. Foe example, a Primorsky Krai businessman, who failed to pay wages to employees, was put on the international wanted list. But the limitation period for criminal prosecution has expired and the search was shut down.

It should be noted that every year Interpol helps to arrest more than 100 criminals, who were put on the international wanted list by the Russian law enforcement agencies. Nearly half of them face extradition or deportation.

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