The biggest plane in the world will fly to Vladivostok.

25 июня 2013, 22:43Общество
At the airport "Vladivostok" is prepared to accept and handle double-decker Airbus 380

Vladivostok. June 25. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Vladivostok International Airport OJSC ("MAV") is preparing to serve aircraft such as Airbus 380. The program is scheduled for 2013-2015."Getting admission to the reception and maintenance of the Airbus 380 requires a lot of preparation on the part of the airport - said General Director of" MAV "Maxim Chetverikov. - Check availability airport to receive aircraft such as Airbus 380 in a number of areas, such as air navigation, meteorological and provision of radio operations, transport and passenger services. They also check the availability of ground facilities, special vehicles, airport logistics, and of course the staff.

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