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Americans will Help Preserve the Population of Polar Bear in Chukotka

26 февраля 2009, 14:07Общество
Previously there was prohibition to hunt polar bear, whereas in the USA the hunt was allowed

VLADIVOSTOK. February 26. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Americans will help preserve the population of polar bear in Chukotka. The administration of the USA appoint plenipotentiary in the Russian-American Committee on polar bear that was created for implementation of provisions of intergovernmental agreement of the year 2000 ‘about preservation and utilization of population of polar bear at Chukotka and Kamchatka regions’.
The committee includes representative of US state agencies Jeffrey Hafket and chairman of non-profit organization of Indigenous people of Alaska ‘Nanuuk’ Charlie Johnson.
The agreement between Russian and American Governments concerning the preservation and utilization of polar bear includes regulations specifying the hunting of the polar bear and amount of business of indigenous peoples of Chukotka and Alaska. Previously there was outright ban to hunt polar bears, whereas in the USA the hunt was allowed.

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