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Along the coast of Vladivostok, there was a massive pileup of dead fish

26 мая 2011, 20:51Общество
In Amur Bay environmental disaster?

VLADIVOSTOK. May 26. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Off the coast of Vladivostok - Peninsula De Vries experienced massive release of dead fish.
The first sounded the alarm local residents. They found on the shore and the shoreline a large number of the most diverse marine fish. She was dead ...
The correspondent of "Vostok-Media" asked the Rosprirodnadzor in the Primorsky Territory. There confirmed the mass death of marine fish off the coast of the Peninsula de Vries. And also reported that their employees are engaged in this issue. But from any comments yet refused to ...
As we learned from unofficial sources, a massive plague of fish could occur due to release of oil or other chemicals.