Cargo from Vladivostok for South Ossetia

26 сентября 2008, 11:49Общество
Total value is about 1.5 million roubles

VLADIVOSTOK. 26 September. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Another humanitarian cargo from Vladivostok citizens is being prepared for transporting to South Ossetia. Total value of which is 1.5 million roubles. “Somebody’s trouble is everyone’s trouble” – this is how Vladivostok apprehended war in South Ossetia. Humanitarian assistance stations were open for people to bring any help they could to support people in South Ossetia. Now assistance campaign has been finished but people still gather things that can help. There has been gathered 20 food packs and first aid supply: clothes, shoes, bedding and school equipment, towels, writing materials, toys, cans, drinking water and etc.
First companies replied to emergency call were OSC “Framatzia”, “Dalpress”, “Vostochnaya Korona”, “Interstroicompany”, “Karaev” and “Avanesov”.

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