A New Stadium In Nogliki

A New Stadium In Nogliki

26 ноября 2008, 16:40
“Sakhalin Energy” will finance the construction

NOGLIKI (Sakhalinskiy district). 26 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. On November, 26 there has been held a ceremony aimed at signing a cooperation accord between the company “Sakhalin Energy” and the administration of “Noglikskiy City District”. Jaap Hauskes, managing director of the project “Sakhalin Energy” and Sereda Viktor Andreevich, mayor of the district, took participation. “Sakhalin Energy” is going to finance the construction of a new stadium. The company will contribute 5 mln. The total project value is 30 mln.

As soon as in 2009 Nogliki will have a new stadium which will facilitate development of sports in Nogliki.

There are other projects which have received investments: construction of the stadium “Spartak” (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), mini-football filed with the artificial grass in Makarov and sports grounds in Tymovsk and Aniv.

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