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Prohibited Guns N’ Roses

26 ноября 2008, 15:44Общество
The Chinese government prohibits foreign films and music but the country’s markets are filled with the pirate production

VLADIVOSTOK. 26 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. The Chinese government commented on the new album of the musical band Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” saying that it is a “sinister abuse” to China. Global Times article says that the new album released last week “is directed against China”.
The song that has given a name for the album says about interdicted movement in China, Falungung.
The Chinese government banned an album’s release alongside the block of the official site of Guns N’ Roses.
“Chinese Democracy” is the first album that Guns N’ Roses has released since the 1993 “Spaghetti Incident?”.
The song “Chinese Democracy” says: “If your Great Wall swings, blame yourself”. The coverage of the album is the picture of the Beijing artist Shi Lifeng “Red Star” where the Chinese population looks powerless, photo pictures of the Chinese military and skyscrapers of Hong Kong.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on album’s release prohibited in China saying that “the majority of people does not like such sort of music. It is too loud”.
Foreign music and films are often interdicted in China. But the country is filled with illegal production.
Besides, authorities ask coming singers and actors to send their programs beforehand for coordination.
In June, authorities warned off foreign performers that they would not be allowed to country in case their performance goes against “national sovereignty”. It is relevant to those performers who ignite passions on the national base. The announcement was made after audience at one of the concerts in Shanghai scanned “Tibet! Tibet!”.
China banes any comments about Tibet which has been under Chinese ruling for over 50 years.

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