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Primorsky Krai Scientists Took Part in TCODE Scientific Forum

26 ноября 2009, 20:17Общество
Over the past 50 years, Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center has collected an enormous amount of materials on North Pacific Studies.

VLADIVOSTOK. November 26. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The 18th Meeting of the International Committee on Marine Studies in the north of Pacific Ocean TCODE took place in Jeju, Korea, Elena Erkhova, a spokeswoman for Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center), told RIA Vostok-Media.

Participants in the scientific forum gathered in the Land of the Morning Calm to discuss the results of the work carried out in 2008, the issue of integration of the new promising scientific agenda in the structure of TCODE as well as organizational issues relating to implementation of new projects. 490 scientists from 17 countries have addressed challenges of the North Pacific Studies during the theme-based sessions held as part of the conference, the key topic of which was the concept of ecosystem dynamics and application of ecosystems approaches in management.

TCODE was established in 1992. The convention of TCODE was signed by the Russian Federation, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the USA and Japan. The organization’s top priority task is to support and coordinate marine research in order to extend the scientific knowledge of ocean and marine life in the region covered by TCODE Convention.

At the forum Russian was presented mainly by the scientists from the Far East of the country, including researchers from TINRO-Center, which contribute substantially to the Pacific Ocean studies.

The activities carried out by the Russian scientists in the framework of TCODE facilitate the world-wide exchange of scientific knowledge on a number of disciplines, allows it to collect data from basic and applied ocean research, including those regions of the Pacific Ocean, where it is impossible for Russian marine research ships to conduct marine baseline studies and aquatic resources studies.

Russia shows sustainable and continuous interest in TCODE activities. The Russian Far East represents interests of the country within the area covered by TCODE Convention. Russia considers the Pacific coast as access to the northern part of the Pacific covering Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and Sea of Japan. Taking into account the huge contribution of domestic fisheries industry to research of marine resources of the Pacific Ocean, the Russian Government instructed Federal Fishery Agency to represent Russia in TCODE as well as to finance scientific activities.

 “Over the past 50 years, Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center has collected an enormous amount of materials on North Pacific Studies,” says Lev Bocharov, General Director of TINRO-Center, who was assigned to head the Russian delegation. “These materials are eagerly sought after by the world’s scientific community. It is evidenced by the fact that Russian scientists have taken active part in the previous TCODE meeting, the core point of which was climate change and ecological capacity of North Pacific ecosystems as well as in current meeting of TCODE on forecast and assessment of alterations in North Pacific ecosystems, during which scientists addressed new challenges of the present-day world. Unlike the agenda of the previous forum exclusively restricted to scientific issues, this meeting is more practice-oriented and focused on interrelationships between ecosystems and anthropogenic activity in near-shore areas. One of the top priorities of the programme is to provide member countries with all necessary materials for better scientifically grounded decision-making s well as formulation of strategic plans and optimal solutions. The present-day TCODE focuses on research findings available to public and allows the society to expand the scope of research application. At present TCODE seeks news ways to achieve this goal.

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