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Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defence Systems in the Far East of the Country

27 августа 2009, 17:16Общество
The missile system should ensure protection from potential failed launches of N. Korean missiles

VLADIVOSTOK. August 27. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Russian has deployed S-400 air defence systems in the Russian Far East to counter the potential threat posed by North Korean missile tests, Russky Newsweek daily quoted Nikolai Makarov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as saying.

“We have already deployed a missile battalion S-400 in the Russian Far East. We take such actions in order to protect Russia from failed launches of N. Korean missiles and to ensure that parts of these missiles never fall on Russian territory,” Makarov stated.

According to Nikolai Makarov, Moscow is concerned that the North Koreas missile launch sites are located near to the Russian border. “We are taking preventive steps, including the use of missile systems, to protect ourselves from potential launching failures,” Makarov said.

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