"Maslenitsa" has come!

1 марта 2011, 00:56Общество
A few helpful reminders for residents of Primorye

VLADIVOSTOK. February 28. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Today, February 28, begins week of carnival, which this year runs through Sunday, March 6.
Shrove Tuesday - a farewell to winter and spring meetings. The main attributes are the pancakes and the carnival festivities. The people believed that a man who spent Maslenitsa bad and boring, to be unlucky for the entire year.
Shrove Tuesday - is a solemn farewell to winter and spring meeting.
Loved in Russia winters holiday, and therefore widely celebrated - in people and to this day remain sayings "every day is not Sunday", "no habitation, and the carnival." This - the most cheerful, popular and rich feast that lasts for a week. If the first three days the peasants still doing chores, then Thursdays work was forbidden, because have developed a wide Carnival.
In 2011, the carnival arrives February 28. Carnival week consists of two halves - the narrow and wide carnival every day Maslenitsa has its name and its customs as a mark.

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