Vitaliy Khamtsov: Our Health Depends on Psychic and some Other Things…

Vitaliy Khamtsov: Our Health Depends on Psychic and some Other Things…

28 апреля 2009, 16:52
The famous psychologist celebrates two anniversaries this year

VLADIVOSTOK. April 28. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Our health depends on psychic and some other things… The Health means energy, vivacity and good dreams as well as good spirits in the morning, trustworthy memory, shining of one’s eyes, good humor and stable sound frame of mind even in the days of magnetic storm, drops in atmosphere pressure.

One may talk of health for a long time, but I want to say the main thing on which our health depends, -first of all it depends on our ancestors, i.e. genetic code, genome that we inherited from our forefathers. There are some people, who don’t abuse alcohol and don’t smoke and kick the bucket in their early thirties. Other people have a cancer, hypertonia, apoplectic and heart attack and live happily till 90.
But I don’t incline anybody to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs. As an expert in clinical psychology, I stand for healthy lifestyle. I’ve spent 30 years improving health of residents of Primorskiy Krai.
The health depends on how you was brought up, what you were fostered to and from an environment, water you drink, lifestyle.
The state of our health is surely depends on whether we are in love or not! If we’re loved! Do we have regular or sparse sex? But these things are hormones of our life. Health depends on stability of our nervous system, temperament, character and so on. The point is that I came to conclusion that our health depends on our central nervous system, our state of mind. It plays a vital role in activity of human body. If anyone is hung-up all the time on how unhappy he or she is, they are likely to go on like that. The same refers to thinking of illness, of pain. That means our health depends on our thoughts.
If they talk us into believing at school that human life lasts 65-70 years, it will go on like this also. If you will convince yourself that you are only 35 when you are already 60, encourage yourself, cheer yourself up with inner voice, you will live far more than average. You will forget such illnesses as flu, sore throat and herpes. Ideally, human body may live for over 200 years. Alas, life is not so ideal…
It is good when you have a pet and air it in the morning. It is even better if the dog is vigorous and you may run with it for a while.
Our health also depends on the air we inhale. The urban air is polluted by cars, boiler-houses, chemicals plants and so on. In connection with this I advice you to walk in forest as often as possible, especially in a conifer one.
I advice you drop smoking and drinking beer. Moreover, according to up-to-date information drinking beer results in obesity, candidosis, staphylococcus.
If you want to healthy, you just be healthy!

The famous psychologist celebrates 40-anniversary of his labour experience and 30 years of successful treatment of residents of Primorye.
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