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Far East is again promised tax breaks

29 января 2013, 23:35Общество
Area becomes a zone of economic development

VLADIVOSTOK. January 29. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Major changes will include the federal law "On the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region," compiled by the Federation Council. The structure and content of the document was the subject of a workshop with the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Victor Gorchakov.The event was held in the framework of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, which brought together, including members of parliament and the Association "Far East and Trans-Baikal region." Chairmen of the legislature of the Far Eastern Federal District, ready to form the ideology of the integrated development of the region, based on specific regions and provinces. Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Vyacheslav Shtyrov introduced colleagues and invited to give their judgment on the filling.