Furth Anti-Piracy Naval Force Reached Gulf of Aden

Furth Anti-Piracy Naval Force Reached Gulf of Aden

29 марта 2010, 16:17
The Pacific Fleet ships are preparing to escort the first convoy of merchant vessels.

VLADIVOSTOK. March 29. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The fourth Pacific Fleet anti-piracy naval force comprising missile destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov, tanker Pecheneg and sea tug MB-37 24, have arrived in the Gulf of Aden to participate in the anti-piracy mission, a Pacific Fleet spokesman told Vostok-Media.

The task force’s voyage to the destination point off the Somali coast went as scheduled; crews are in good health, all the systems are in normal mode of operation. The Russian naval force will join the Combined Maritime Forces to conduct security patrols and combat hijackings. In addition, the force includes a Marine detachment, which has undergone training with the due regard to the previous operations of Russian anti-piracy forces in the area.

At present, the first convoy of merchant vessels flying the flags of different countries is being formed in the Gulf of Aden, which is to be escorted by the Russian ships.

The Pacific Fleet naval task force left Vladivostok for the Somalia coast on Feb. 24.

In 2009, the counter-piracy operations were carried out by naval forces led by missile destroyers Admiral Vinogradov, Admiral Panteleyev and Admiral Tributs.

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