Russia to Build Best City for Children in China

Russia to Build Best City for Children in China

31 марта 2010, 16:44
The Public Chamber has held public hearings to discuss the preparation for the international trade fair EXPO 2010.

MOSCOW. March 31.VOSTOK-MEDIA – The Public Chamber has held public hearings to discuss the preparation for the international trade fair EXPO 2010, which will be held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31.

Organizers of the event told Vostok-Media one month left to EXPO 2010. Russia shall be on a par with other 191 states participants in the event. Experts have already built up a unique concept of the Russian pavilion at the trade show and are presently discussing what products should be exhibited at the EXPO.

This year’s trade show sparked considerable interest among officials as well as public at large: this time Russia intends to participate in the global technological dialogue on an equal footing with other developed economies. This is the first time in recent years that Russia erects its pavilion, in which companies and organizations from all over the country are expected to exhibit their products. In addition, the pavilion will host major business and cultural events. At its session, the Public Chamber focused not solely on what products should be exhibited at the international trade fair and how the country should position itself. Childhood became the key topic of the agenda.

The theme of the exposition will be "Better City – Better Life", and all the participating states are striving to present their best models of an ideal city, latest technological developments, which will enable them to reach better standards of living in a city of future.

Russia’s Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Stanislav Naumov, who heads the working group on information and communicative support of Russia in EXPO 2010, said at the public hearing that “the idea to create a city for those who will live in it in future, namely for our children, belongs to us. The concept of the city is built in tune with a famous phrase of remarkable children’s literature writer Nikolay Nosov – “The best city is the one that children like”. Therefore, recent graduates, young scientists, students and children from across Russia will be the main participants in EXPO 2010.

The City of Talents, a fairy park for both children and adults, is being constructed as part of the Russian pavilion based on the ideas and projects associated with the idea of happy childhood. The City of Talents will include a large eco-lake, bright streets with windmills in the form of dragonflies, fruit houses, cars running on biofuel, and many other things.

Among these decorations Russia will present cutting-edge technologies, innovations and devices. The list of unique exhibit items has been almost drawn up. At each EXPO event Russia managed to surprise the entire world, and this year is not to be an exception.

Neznaika, a cartoon character created by Nikolai Nosov, will be the guide through the Russian pavilion. Neznaika (the name derived from "I dont know”) has arrived in EXPO to gain knowledge, which is symbolical of Russia striving to learn new things and share its knowledge with other countries. Neznaika will receive guests greeting them from large screens and will accompany them throughout their tour across the Russian pavilion.

It is no accident that the Public Chamber dedicated the entire session to the issue of childhood: The 2030 Childhood Foresight Project is being implemented under the supervision of the adviser to the Russian presidential administration on Russian domestic policy Alina Radchenko. The project aims to outline future challenges that children will face in 20 or 30 years and get them ready to meet these challenges. Therefore, the theme of the exposition is closely connected with this project because they have the common objective – to create beautiful and happy future for our children.

 “The world community should reconsider its attitude to children. Today, we have to engage children in the process of building up the future. Russia has an excellent opportunity to become the initiator of this idea,” says Alina Radchenko.

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