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Primorsky Krai Debtors will Face Suspension of Driver’s License and Foreign Passport

31 августа 2009, 18:08Общество
Russian Government drafted a bill stipulating suspension of a debtor’s driver’s license

VLADIVOSTOK. August 31. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Russian Government drafted a bill stipulating suspension of a debtor’s driver’s license, stated Artur Parfenchikov, Federal Bailiff Service Director, during his recent visit to Primorsky Krai.

Artur Parfenchikov focused on the necessity to broaden range of restrictions on debtors. The draft bill will extend to suspension of drivers licenses, boatmasters license, etc. In addition such restrictions may hold true for hunting license and fishing license.

“It is not fair that a bad debtor evading to pay his debt, all the more so the one who is criminally non-compliant with the child support provisions, spends a good deal of money on leisure and private pleasures," - A. Parfenchikov clarified. He also stated that these restrictions are implemented in other countries and yield tangible results.

Besides, according to A. Perfenchikov, it is possible to impose restrictions not only on travelling of a bad debtor abroad but also on issuing foreign passports.

Meanwhile, during the first part of that year Primorsky Krai bailiffs initiated 516,782 enforcement proceedings valued at RUR 14 bln. As a comparison, 758,597 enforcement proceedings were initiated in 2008. 24,935 enforcement proceedings were initiated on the charges of nonpayment and evasion of payment of alimony, 20,732 enforcement proceedings - on charges of non-payment of loan. In this case the entire loan default amount totaled RUR 2,936,166,00

1113 court orders imposing a temporary foreign travel ban have been issued. It turned out that the overall debt of those debtors willing to leave abroad is estimated at about RUR 300 mio. So far bailiffs collected almost RUR20 mln from 197 debtors.