Construction of High-speed Railway Line Scheduled for Fall

31 августа 2010, 16:49Общество
The new railway line will provide a high-speed rail service between Artyom and Vladivostok.

VLADIVOSTOK. August 31. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The construction of a high-speed railway from Vladivostok to Knevichi International Aiport is scheduled to commence in 2010.

Primorye Department of Industry and Transportation said the design and survey work, as well as the geodesic and geological surveys have been already completed. At present the railway line project is being developed based on survey data gathered and will be submitted for appraisal in early October.

Russian Railways is the developer of the project. Governor Sergei Darkin approved the feasibility study for the high-speed railway project in May this year. He ordered that a stop be added to the Vladivostok/Airport line in the far eastern city of Artyom, provided that the time it takes to get from one point to the other remains the same: 48 minutes.  

“The new line should provide high-speed service between Artyom and Vladivostok providing fast, safe and comfortable ride for commuters,” the Governor said.

The railway line is scheduled to open in December 2011.

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