Saakashvili’s Revenge
3 сентября 2008, 13:57
Saakashvili’s Revenge
Georgian SOF (Special Operation Force) deploys along the South-Ossetian border

VLADIVOSTOK. 3 September. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Georgia removes SOF of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defence to the border with South Ossetia. It was reported by Deputy of General Headquarters Commanding Officer of Russian Federation Armed Forces Anatoliy Nagovitsin.

“Georgian Security Ministries are planning to redeploy its forces in a number of Georgian townhills of South Ossetia. Due to this purpose, Georgia is concentrating armed forces of MIA and MD along the administrative border with South Ossetia,” – said Anatoliy Nagovitsin.

According to his words, for to provide security of South Ossetia population, 19 watch peacekeeping stations were established. “At the moment stations are being equipped with engineer facilities and local territory is under watching,” – said Deputy.

He also said that 8 watching stations were established along the Abkhazian first security zone (south of the river Inguri) and 10 – along the second security zone (North of Inguri). Besides, Codori Gorge is being patrolled and additional station is established.