Yachtsmen from Vladivostok Compete with World and European Champions
8 июня 2009, 12:30
The Vladivostok Yachtsmen will participate in the 12th International Junior Regatta that takes place in Moscow, 17 to 21 June

VLADIVOSTOK. June 8. VOSTOK-MEDIA – YACHTSMEN FROM Vladivostok will take part in 12th International Junior Regatta that will take place in Moscow, 17 to 21 June. As it has in the past, the Seven Feet Yacht Club team will represent Primorskiy Krai in the contest.

The junior yachtsmen will encounter legendary sportsmen at the competition. There will be the World and European champion, head coach of the Russian Sailing Team Oleg Khopersky, two-time yachting sports World champion, the 1996 Olympics silver medalist Igor Skalin, two-time World champion, Olympics medalist Viktor Potapov, World and European champion Sergey Kanov, Olympic champion, ten-time World champion Yuri Lobanov, USSR champion, Whitbread-89-90 competitor, world championships and Olympics medalist Sergey Borodinov and other famous sportsmen.

Among the guests of the regatta there will the current Russian National Yacht Team. (Team leader, who took sixth place in 2008 Olympics, Europe-2007 Ingling medalist Ekaterina Skudina, sports team members: Maxim Sheremetyev, Michail Sheremetyev, Alisa Kirylyuk and others).

The 12th International regatta is the most popular yachts races in Moscow and the second largest regatta in Russia.

12th International Junior Regatta will take place in Moscow, 17 to 21 June.