Caucasus War in the Middle East
8 сентября 2008, 14:56
Caucasus War in the Middle East
Supporting Saakashvili the U.S. is making a springboard for attacks on Iran

VLADIVOSTOK. 8 September. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Washington has not refused launching attacks on Iran so as to resolve several problems, one at a time.
US Vice-President Dick Chaney have visited Tbilisi, Baku and Kiev. Now it is true that PR campaign of Saakashvili including military and internal policies was done by people responsible for image of Republican Party and “presentation" of John Maccane. There are some assumptions that these specialists were recommended by Dick Chainey; they most probably used to work for him when he headed corporation “Halliburton”.
Closest assistant of Maccane was in direct touch with Saakashvili probably demonstrating policy succession and “special relations” with Tbilisi authorities which is logical considering assumption of “Izvestia” that Georgia will become a new springboard for launching attacks on Iran.
For a long time European countries had their own point of view on the Middle East and Central Asia. For instance, Europe was nervous when the U.S. attacked Iraq and afterwards. But Europe made its comments but the U.S. did not pay attention to them. When Russia dared to reply to Georgia aggression and Europe decided to make an attempt and regulate the situation. Thus, the Old World does not dispute over leadership but shows that position of the U.S. and one of theirs coincide. And Sarcosy is becoming a formal strategic leader of Europe. It is not incidentally that he visited Turkey and Syria. Probably, soon Europe will be ready to let Ankara in Europe without the U.S. protection, for which Turkey is only a powerless NATO member.