Kamchatka Even Ensemble “Oryakan” Performs in Germany and Switzerland
9 июня 2009, 10:31
Kamchatka Even Ensemble “Oryakan” Performs in Germany and Switzerland
The performance will take place in Germany in the framework of ethnographic exhibition

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY – June 9. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Children’s Even Ensemble “Oryakan” from the Anavgay Bistrinskogo village will take part in the International exhibition “Siberian Shamans” to take place in Linden State Museum of Ethnology in Stuttgart, Germany.
In this unique exhibition the Linden-Museum Stuttgart and Russian Museum of Ethnography in Saint Petersburg presents more than 200 of the most outstanding objects worldwide on this theme for the first time in Germany. This exhibition highlights the ancient belief systems of Siberian peoples to deal with the world beyond.
The exhibition will also present educational programmes. One of them is dedicated to taiga fairy tales of shamans and reindeer-breeders.
Master classes on making of crafts and tokens made of natural materials will also take place within the exhibition. The multi-faceted exposition will be complemented by performances of folk music ensembles.
The children’s Even ensemble “Oryakan” will take part in such festivals as ‘The Fifth Continent’, ‘Festivals of World Cultures’ and in a music festival in Geneva. And then the children will participate in the International youth dance festival in Berlin.