Does Your Pet Dream of Piercing?
9 июля 2009, 22:22
Does Your Pet Dream of Piercing?
Pet piercing craze came to Primorsky Krai

VLADIVOSTOK. July 9. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Until quite recently, people were rather skeptical about drawings on human body, but today people became more loyal about the matter. People have got carried away with tattooing and piercing to so much that they move on to do the same to their pets. Finally this craze came to Primorsky Krai.

“Imagine that the other day I saw a woman airing her beautiful spaniel on a leash. It was hot outside and as the dog rolled out its tongue something glistened in the bright sunlight. I got a close up look at it - it was piercing! People are just going nuts these days. It is one thing to decorate ones body with piercing and tattoos thereby inflicting pain on and consciously discomforting oneself in the process. As the saying goes, it’s ones own business. But it is different with animals. They dont ask to be pierced and cant give informed consent!” – Ussuriisk ‘Komunar ‘newspaper correspondent writes in his article.

The idea of pet piercing belongs to a Frenchman from Nice. He proved to be right when predicted that modifications of pets would be very popular, because even the most weird and silly ideas come to life. This time, such four-legged hippies appeared in Ussiriisk. Yuri Alatortsev, manager Taurus Esthetics Salon says that he already pierced cats’ and dogs’ ears. Once he even made a tongue piercing to a Doberman. If you want to modify your animal in such a way it will cost 800-900 rubles.

“Surely, this procedure is not a pleasure to an animal. That’s why the procedure is carried out at home in the presence of veterinary.” -says Yury Alatortsev, “A specialist administers an animal anaesthetic injection. And when narcosis begins then I take on. By the way, people rarely ask to make their pet a piercing, but pet tattoos are very popular. I still remember when some five years ago a man called me from Krasniy Yar. He was a horse herd owner who was trying to hedge himself from horse-thieves and asked me to make a tattoo on one of his horses. The assumption is correct: the brand can be removed, but it is unlikely that anyone may guess to pull down lower lip of an animal. I made a tattoo on rear side of the lip.

But it is exception to the rule. Dogs are the main clients. Usually it is a name of a pet or name of its master. At times some drawings on animals’ skin are very beautiful, but my mind reels when I think of what else people may think up in chase of glamour."