Dangerous Fish Production from Vietnam
13 октября 2008, 15:14
Because of discovered listeriosis pathogens in Vietnamese fish production its import is interdicted

VLADIVOSTOK. 13 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Since October, 21, 2008 Rosselkhoznadzor implements interdiction on fish and sea production not only from China, Thailand, Ecuador but also the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The reason is pathogens of listeriosis found in fish goods imported from Vietnam. Rosselkxoznadzor has started a process of epidemiologic investigation of goods produced at the industries of the Vietnamese company DL-359 in the Russian Federation administrative divisions.

In Russia listeriosis disease has been registered since 1992. The total number of diseased is not significant but medical treatment is considered to be much harder than in case of some other diseases. Nidus is the pathogens living in food of animal origin.