Russian Businessman Sentenced to 13 Years for Child Sexual Abuse in Cambodia
14 марта 2008, 22:45
41-year Alexander Trophimov rejected his guilt during the trial.

41-year businessman Alexander Trophimov was found guilty of sexual abuse of a 14-year Cambodian girl and was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment by a Cambodian court.

A Cambodian national was also sentenced to 11 years in jail for providing the girl, Reuters reports. During the investigation Trophimov was accused of raping 19 underage Cambodians but on Friday the court delivered a verdict only for one case.

The Trophimov’s lawyers said that the court decision “will send a bad message to foreign investors”. There are no other clews but dubious testimony of the girl, the representatives of defense said. Trophimov insisted that had never met the girl earlier.

Alexander Trophimov headed the company Koh Puos Investment Group, Ltd. which rented an island for 99 years near the shore of Sihanoukville City having promised to invest $300 million into development of the resort.