Sergey Darkin’s Wife will Choose All-Russian Patriarch
15 января 2009, 13:19
Sergey Darkin’s Wife will Choose All-Russian Patriarch
Larisa Belobrova was selected as delegate of important forum because of her personal characteristics

VLADIVOSTOK. January 15. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Among 5 delegates of church council of Primorskiy Krai, along with archbishop Veniamin, Larisa Belobrova, the wife of the Governor will go to Moscow.
Five people will represent Primorye at the church council. At the special eparchial session the delegates were chosen from 3 groups: priests, monks and parishioners.
Larisa Belobrova became the delegate from parishioners. According to the results of the open vote she gained the right to represent the region. According to the documents of the bishopric Larisa Belobrova is a parishioner of the Saint Cyril and Methodius temple of Vladivostok. But high society knows her as an actress of Primorye Drama Theatre and the wife of the governor Sergey Darkin.
According to Michael Romanov, the manager of the press office of the Vladivostok bishopric, Larisa Belobrove was chosen as a delegate of important forum not just as a wife of the Governor but for her personal characteristics. -“She administers the bishopric for quite a long time. When difficult situations appear, for example a discussion of the issues of the construction or other bureaucratic problems, she always solves them. Besides, we conduct educational readings dedicated to Saint Cyril and Methodius that now awarded the status of All –Russian educational forum, every spring: Larisa Belobrova is a member of its steering committee.”
This group of delegates includes the wife of the Governor, archimandrite Innokentii, hegumen Vasiliy, archbishop of Vladivostok and Primorskiy Krai Veniamin and bishop Sergius, vicar of the bishopric.