The Most Expensive Transportation: Tramway!
16 октября 2008, 18:56
Cost of tram carriage is fourfold expensive than bus

VLADIVOSTOK. 16 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. The most expensive transportation in Vladivostok is tramway, said Major Igor Pushkarev.
Tram is seemed to be less expensive to only privileged passengers because they are not oppressed in this way of transportation. In fact, trams are more expensive and cost around 10 million roubles while a bus cost is 2.5 million roubles.
Major supposes that it is necessary to curb a transportation problem on Churkin. Sportivnaya Street is also blocked in rush hour because of insufficient tramways. Mr. Pushkarev thinks that transportation problem can be tackled if the administration purchases busses instead of trams or trolleys. The latter costs 10 million roubles as well. Obviously, trolleys are ecologically safe. However, in perspective busses can work on gas instead of diesel, thinks Mr. Pushkarev.