New Senator of Primorskiy Krai
17 октября 2008, 12:38
Primorian Deputies supported a candidate of V.A. Fetisov

VLADIVOSTOK. 17 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Today, on October, 17 a special session of Legislative Council session was held aimed at the discussion of new candidate from Primorskiy Krai V.K. Fetisov. Deputies discussed two issues: voting of a new candidate V. K. Fetisov as senator of Primorskiy Krai and urgent step down of member of Electoral Commission of Primorskiy Krai with right of decision vote from Legislative Council S. D. Knyazev.
Legislative Council voted 28 – for and 1-against a chairperson of Primorskiy Krai Legislative Council in the Federation Council of RF V. K. Fetisov. However, it is still uncertain who will substitute Mr. Knyazev on the post of chairperson of Krai Electoral Committee. The Central Electoral Committee has not proposed any candidate yet.