A Shipwreck Near Southern Kuril Islands
19 марта 2009, 15:33
A Shipwreck Near Southern Kuril Islands
The fishing vessel ‘Kisuka’ went down

VLADIVOSTOK. March 19. VOSTOK-MEDIA – A shipwreck occurred not far from Southers Kuril Island Kunashir last night. The fishing vessel ‘Kisuka’ that was operated by Russian sailors went down. Only two crew members out of four were saved. Rescuers saved found alive two sailors – Ulien Shakiev and Oleg Zagrizinov. But they couldn’t find the captain and chief engineer of the vessel – Boris Shafikov and Dmitry Mironenko respectively.
Harvesting vessels ‘Maria’, ‘Danilovo’, ‘Grinda’ and a border guard cruiser take part in the search and rescue operation.
The cause of the accident is not yet known. According to information provided by rescuers, they are in ‘frozen condition and unable to tell anything’.
The fishing vessel ‘Ol’hovatka’ should take them to Kunashir Island. The nationality of the sailors has not yet found out, but the specialists believe that they are Russians.