Primorye Seamen Repel Attack of Pirates: New Details from the Captain
22 апреля 2009, 14:43
Primorye Seamen Repel Attack of Pirates: New Details from the Captain
Alexander Suponin, captain of the ship stated that the crew members feel good and the ship resumed its way to destination point

VLADIVOSTOK. April 22. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The recently built in China for Greek company – Roxana Shipping – tanker “Handytankers Magic” with Russian sailors on board, flying the flag of Marshal Islands repelled a pirates’ attack.
On April 19, 2009 the ship was sailing toward the Gulf of Aden through the west safety corridor when the crew members spotted black-painted ship with black flag approaching to the tanker. Then a boat with four pirates on board was set off from the enemy vessel and started to the tanker.
Some minutes later the boat neared the tanker and pirates started to prepare ladder for landing on board. The alarm was declared on the tanker and the crew of the tanker put on a special protective mechanism and began maneuvering. Soon after, there was a shot from the grenade launcher from the side of the boat. The grenade fell at the board of the tanker but did not explode. After the failed shot the pirates decided to give up attacking the ship and returned to their vessel-base.
According to the caotain of the ship, all the time the tanker was communicating with military men dwelling near that region and inquired an instruction on dismantling of the grenade. Brave and concerted actions of the crew prevented pirates’ taking the ship captive.