Adoptive Parents Kill their 4-year old Child and then Announce a Search for her
23 апреля 2009, 17:11
A spouse of the claimant confessed that he had taken the dead body from their home and dropped it in a swamp

VLADIVOSTOK. April 23. VOSTOK-MEDIA - A tragic has happened to a 4-year girl which had got lost in Lazo village, Primorskiy Krai. An investigation showed that the girl was killed and thrown in a swamp by their parents.
On April 19 the Dalnerechensk Investigations Department was informed that the little girl had left her house situated in Lazo village and did not returned.
Her foster-mother applied to the local police department with a statement on account of missing of her daughter.
She said to an investigator that she had let her adopted child walk on the street in the evening and soon after found that the girl got lost. Her own searches did not give any results and she reported missing of the girl to the local police station. An investigative team immediately came to the place of disappearance. Local residents, senior pupils and military men and other state agencies joined the searches.
Again, these measures did not yield any positive results. Police initiated a criminal case. During the investigation the place of accident was viewed and toys and personal things of the baby were taken away. A spouse of the claimant and other children from this family were interrogated. Investigators did their best to find the reason of the girl’s missing, when suddenly, a spouse of the claimant confessed that he had taken the dead body from their home and dropped it in a swamp. The confession proved to be true in the course of verification of evidence at the place. The dead girl was found. There were seen multiple injures on the body of the girl indicating criminal character of her death.
The foster-mother confessed that on the eve she beat the girl with purpose to make her obey and on the next morning found her to be dead. She decided to get away from criminal charges and got rid of the body. The examination showed that craniocerebral trauma was the reason of her death.