Mayor Participated In The Public Action
24 ноября 2008, 14:18
Igor Pushkarev participated in the public action against restrictions on the right wheeled vehicles. He stated that no one could restrict the right wheeled vehicles

VLADIVOSTOK. 24 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Mayor of Vladivostok participated in the public action against restrictions on right wheeled vehicles that took place on Saturday, November, 22. Igor Pushkarev guaranteed that no one would restrict right wheeled vehicles after he held several official meetings in Moscow.
Another overriding issue is the rising tax on imported vehicles. On the one hand, there is a positive experience of China which imposed taxes on imported vehicles and it has stimulated the Chinese automobile industry. On the other hand, relatively inexpensive Japanese vehicles are the necessity for many citizens of Primorye.
Anyway, the decision must be taken considering interests of people. This is a salient issue of the next meeting of Mr. Pushkarev in the State Duma and the Government.