Some officials are fired, others are hired
27 октября 2011, 23:27
In Belogorsk place of managers of medicine will be taken over by IT workers.

Belogorsk. On October 27. EAST MEDIA - Today members of the City Council approved a new Belogorskogo structure of Belogorsk administration. The changes affected three units. From the structure of the municipality is excluded the Health Department.

- From January 1, 2012 the powers of local authorities of urban districts in the organization of health care will be given to subjects of the Russian Federation, - said the head of the legal department of the city administration Nikolai Nevzorov. - In order to implement legislation already in progress in Belogorsk procedure for transferring the ownership of the Amur region of medical institutions of the city. In this regard, with January 1, 2012 there will be no need for a health department in the structure of the city administration.