Restrictions On Imported Meat From Argentina And Paraguay
27 ноября 2008, 17:08
Currently, 62 companies of Argentina and 20 companies of Paraguay have an import license to export meat products to the Russian Federation

VLADIVOSTOK. 27 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Since November, 21, 2008 there have been temporary restrictions imposed on Argentina and Paraguay’s imports to Russia.
Restrictions removed from the two companies: #3778 (Argentina) and #2 (Paragay). Both companies import beef off the bones and pre-packed beef (e.g. mince, ribs and etc.).
Restrictions were imposed on the Argentinean and the Paraguayan companies in May and September, 2008, respectively. The reason is that the quality of meat products did not meet the Russian sanitary requirements.
Though, despite that fact that restrictions are now lifted, the quality and security characteristics will be under a full control. In case, requirements are not met, penetrating of products to the Russian market will be stopped.
According to statistics, currently 62 companies of Argentina and 20 companies of Paraguay are allowed to import the meat products to the Russian market.