The RF Navy Pacific Fleet Detachment Starts to the Coasts of Somalia Again
30 марта 2009, 15:46
The RF Navy Pacific Fleet Detachment Starts to the Coasts of Somalia Again
‘Admiral Panteleev’ will replace ‘Admiral Vinogradov’
VLADIVOSTOK. March 30. VOSTOK-MEDIA- The RF Navy Pacific Fleet detachment consisting of big submarine chaser ‘Admiral Panteleev’, salvage tug, tankers ‘Irkut’ and ‘Izhora’ set off from Vladivostok to the Gulf of Aden to fight against piracy at the coasts of Somalia.

The cruise to the Horn of Africa will take 28 days. The Navy Pacific Fleet detachment with sea-solders force on board is supposed to reach the Gulf of Aden and set about patrolling and escorting mership convoy.

The first detachment of the Navy Pacific Fleet consisting of submarine chaser ‘Admiral Vinogradov’, salving ship ‘Foty Krylov’, tankers ‘Pechenga’ and ‘Boris Butoma’ started from Vladivostok to the Horn of Africa on December 9, 2008.

‘Foty Krylov’ and ‘Pechenga’ have already returned to Vladivostok. The big submarine chaser ‘Admiral Vinogradov’ and tanker ‘Boris Butoma’ visited Indonesia and March 28 set off to Chinese seaport town Zhan Can. The visit will last 6 – 10 April. From there the detachment will hold a course for Vladivostok.
Shipping companies from around the world expressed profound gratitude to sailors from the first detachment of the RF navy Pacific Fleet.

In the course of the mission in the Gulf of Aden the big submarine chaser ‘Admiral Vinigradov’ escorted 12 mership convoys consisting of 54 vessels from 17 countries. The crew of the submarine chaser prevented several attacks of pirates on merchant ships and also transferred the group of detained at the sea pirates Yemeni authorities.