Vladivostok Residents are Able to Expose Local Corrupt Officials on the Phone
30 апреля 2009, 15:53
Local and regional corruption hotline opens under the state Duma of Vladivostok

VLADIVOSTOK. April 30. VOSTOK-MEDIA – deputies plan to take an active part in designing of anti-corruption policy in Vladivostok.
A planning meeting of committee on development of anti-crisis measures and fight against corruption under the state Duma took place in Vladivostok.
Committee members rely on active response and support of people and collaboration with government agencies of different levels.
Chairman and his deputy were elected at the first meeting. They are Valeriy Rozov, Chairman and Dmitry Novikov, deputy.
By the end of the first ten-day period of May a local and regional corruption hotline commences to operate. Taking into account delicacy of the matter, personified as well as anonymous calls will be accepted.
The deputies decided to carry out sessions at least once in a month. The next one is scheduled on May 14.