Posted 9 марта 2010,, 07:20

Published 9 марта 2010,, 07:20

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Cats are Most Popular Domestic Animals in Russia

9 марта 2010, 07:20
This information came from Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

KHABAROVSK. March 9. VOSTOK-MEDIA – A study conducted by Russian Public Opinion Research Center (RPORC) in Feb. 2010, found that cats are the most popular domestic pets in Russia. Thus, the survey revealed that 37% of those polled have cats, of which 29% have random-bred cats, 8% - purebred ones.

Dogs are the second most popular pets with the Russians (30%): 19% - random-bred, 11% - purebred. Only 4% own aquarium fish, 3% own decorative birds, and 2% - small animals. Also, 43% of respondents do not have any pets, up from 38% a couple of years ago.

The older people get the more they tend to own random-bred dogs, according to the study. Young people prefer purebred dogs or cats. Altogether, 76% of those polled own domestic pets. In addition, the study showed that lonely people are more likely to own a domestic pet, whereas the number of divorced people owing pets is considerably lower. Domestic animals are popular both in childless families and families with minors (75% and 76% respectively).

According to RPORC, the Russians buy domestic animals just out of habit. The first reason they own a pet is that other people do (25% of respondents). The second reason is that domestic animals give pleasure and relieve stress (20%). The third, in order of importance, argument in favor of owing a pet is that domestic animals are useful (20%). 14% of those polled said they own a pet not to feel so lonely; 10% bought a pet because their kids wanted one. 4% got their pets as a present, while 3% own a pet out of pity.