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Primorye Against Rising Taxes

8 декабря 2008, 12:54Общество
Citizens of Primorye are ready to oppose rising taxes on imported vehicles and support the right wheel cars

VLADIVOSTOK. 8 December. VOSTOK-MEDIA. On Sunday, 14 December, Vladivostok citizens will launch a demonstration against rising taxes on imported vehicles which are the livelihood of the majority of people, and prove inefficiency of Russian automobile industry.
Initiators are the human rights organization “Edition “Criminal Search”. Demonstration will be held in Vladivostok, Artyom, Bolshoy Kamen, settlement Pogranichniy, Ussuriysk and Nakhodka.
At the central square, the Fighters for the Soviet power in the Russian Far East, demonstration will start at 11.00 and then a column of vehicles will head from Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya for Zarya. Vehicles that will participate in the action are said to be those that have been on roads for 25 years. Owners of such cars say that Russian automobiles are not efficient enough to serve for such a period.
Forcible measures to impose higher taxes will result in that Primorskiy auto business will shorten and then deteriorate. Economic analysis shows that as many as 60% of population earns livelihood importing Japanese cars to Russia. Harsh rising taxes on imported cars of certain age will lead to shortage of taxes that Primorskiy custom has been always interested in, and as the result, local budget reduction.
Firms and companies are expected to close, taxes will decrease, people are likely to become unemployed and migration from Primorye is very likely to increase. As the result, Primorye as the Russian far post will become harder to control and Russia as the part of the Asia-Pacific region will be at risk.
Demonstration against rising taxes will take place everywhere in Russia. Primorye will actively support the action.

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